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Most Friendly in Senior Living Awards 2023

Honoring friendliness in senior living

Our Most Friendly in Senior Living Awards celebrate assisted living, memory care and independent living communities whose staff stand out for being helpful, joyful and kind to residents, visitors and each other. These communities exude a culture of friendliness, making them a welcoming, happy place to live and visit. Our awards recognize communities with at least six website reviews from residents and families that average 4.5 stars or more out of 5 in the friendliness category. This award is part of A Place for Mom's popular Best of Senior Living Award series, culminating in February 2024.

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Most Friendly Awards criteria

Get at least six reviews at APlaceforMom.com

Attain an average overall rating of at least 4.5 stars for reviews in the friendliness review category

Offer assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing or memory care in the United States or Canada

*Based on reviews collected from APlaceforMom.com during the awards period of July 10, 2023 to Aug. 18, 2023.